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In the mid-seventies, Paul decided to embark on a writing career. His first publication was a non-fiction book on high performance racecar driving, followed by eight fictional action-adventure books in a series called The Smuggler. In 1977, he penned a biographical work about the original Mousketeers, Walt, Mickey and Me.

High Performance Driving
Cars have been Paul's passion since before he could drive. This was his first book.

It's an impossible assignment, but if anyone can tackle it, it's Eric Saveman, the clean-cut, all-American college grad who smuggles dope, races a Lotus 19 and attracts violence and sex like a magnet. The President of the United States needs him for this job because Saveman knows the rules... and the game. Now, it's up to him to break the global espionage ring dealing in diamonds, dope and death!.
The Smuggler
Murder in Blue
"Another murder in blue!", said the mystified newsman. Saveman was holding out. He knew what, he knew why, but he still didn't know who. And unless he found out pretty quick. his voluptuous partner and playmate, Amy Gazer, would be the next blue victim!

Kidnapping and political corruption on a worldwide scale had claimed their latest victim, General Velasco of ZED, chief of national security. Now only Saveman's desperate race against time stood between a traitor's master plan and complete atomic chaos.
Mother Luck
The Crystal Fortress
Saveman's largest adventure leads him to the ice fortress of renegade U.S. scientist Rudolph Balencroft. Only Balencroft has the top secret computer code that can terminate the deadly mission of six nuclear satellites. And ZED is desperate to gain the secret!

The trial was ominously secret, and when it was over, Saveman had been banished from ZED. Alone, he faced the treacherous Dr. Oblivion, whose maneuvers in oil could precipitate global war! Only Saveman could stop him, and his own survival depended on the man in the Oval Office, but would he act in time? Would he act at all?
Welcome to Oblivion
The Series
It was slated to be the TV hit of the season. It was daring! It was provocative! It was doomed!

America's Number-One kids, loved by three generations of children and adults: Annette, Darlene, Spin and Marty, Cubby and Karen, Bobby. Where are they now? And what was it really like then? For them, the 50's were a magic time of sound-stage rehearsals, poolside parties with Jimmie Dodd, cafeteria lunches with Uncle Walt, and a time of fierce growing pains, juvenile ego hassles, and iron-tight Disney contracts. Paul claims the mouselife changed his life forever. Fascinated with the mouseworld, he trailed its stars into the present and found some surprises.
Walt, Mickey and Me

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